Fully Automated Pension Plan Administration


Aurora can be used for any corporate and many individual pension plans

The Aurora solution offers cutting-edge pension administration through fully automated processes. Aurora has been developed by an award winning team with over 80 years of experience, offering “a new approach to administration, enabled by the advancement of technology”.

A Sophisticated back-office system

At the heart of Aurora is a traditional back office pension administration system. However, behind the MS-Office face lies a most powerful and flexible administration platform with cutting edge technology.
  • The Aurora back-office incorporates a powerful calculations engine which interfaces with the member screens,an easy to use report writer and MS-Word documents. The reporting engine also produces the mail-merge data source files that are used to create your own automated letters, statements and forms.
  • The flexible screen designer allows users to redefine pages to hold exactly the right information for members of each plan.

Instant, Customised Plan Websites

To provide better accessibility for members to information about their pension plan, PSSL now offers a website designer template which can be copied, tailored and deployed within a matter of minutes. Using a WordPress theme, your chosen template can be easily tailored...

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Member Self-Service Dashboard

To provide better access to their plan information and the pension team, PSSL offers a unique, online dashbaord to members with an array of information. Secured through a personal login and password, the menu style and options can be varied to deliver exactly what is...

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Aurora Online Dashboards

The Aurora dashboards offer a user friendly interface with the members, HR staff and any other party required.
Each dashboard comes with:
  • Separate, customisable menu tiles to present the required, automated forms, any daily processes such as uploading documents and payroll files and live-chat support and calls to the company or plan websites.
  • Real time values are shown in a striking visual way, or through statements emailed to the user.
  • Automated workflows behind each option ensure the Aurora back-office is immediately and accurately updated.

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Automated, Intelligent Forms – 10 Benefits

  • Improved user experience – members simply change the current details displayed.
  • Intelligence means only required fields need completing, based on previous data entry.
  • Auto-field formatting, defaults, picklists and calendars means consistent and high quality data.

Client Feedback

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Let me take the opportunity to thank you and indeed praise you for the work you’ve done on this amazing piece of software. I think it’s an outstanding achievement in terms of reducing the administration workload, increasing accuracy of data and making details immediately available to those needing it.

Grace Mossrison

Pension Manager, J Wray & Nephew Limited

Aurora Pension System – in The Cloud

Aurora is the only pension system that truly unifies the membership with pensions, HR, payroll, trustees and the plan providers. Aurora is redefining how to manage pensions for a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

Plan Website Designer

Websites are a great way to communicate with pension Plan members:
  • WordPress based templates supplied for each Plan
  • Copy & Paste text and images to customise
  • Plan booklets & other documents delivered through downloads
  • Provides access to application form and member dashboard

The Aurora Solution

Aurora unifies the membership with pensions, HR, payroll, trustees and the plan providers, redefining how to manage pensions for a global, mobile, and diverse workforce.

On the right you will find a short videos for you to see the complete Aurora Solution in action :

  • Gain a holistic view of your global membership, better engage with parties and members, and have real-time information at any time, through automated  processes.
  • Update validated records immediately from their point of origin, ensuring high quality, maximum efficiency and total accuracy.
  • Strategise and prepare your plans with intelligent and automated forms, dashboards and plan websites.
  • Build new plans of any type efficiently through a simple rules area and easily configure reports, documents and calculations from the supplied templates.
  • Integrate and automate other chosen HR, Payroll, Accounting, investment and other systems with Aurora’s pension, document management, workflow and pensioner payroll.
  • The Aurora solution includes: the Plan Website; automated on-line forms; Dashboards for HR staff, Members and the pension team. All  for just a low annual membership fee.


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