PSSL Customisation Services

What consultancy & customisation work do we offer?

  • A consultancy service to assist and advise on
  • Administration service planning
  • IT, security and infrastructure requirements
  • Online and website design
  • Workflows and automations needed
  • Installation, training, documentation and acceptance testing


Consulting services


Why not call on the many years of PSSL’s experience in both pensions and IT to help you create the best admin service possible, by using the very latest technology available. We will be happy to help specify tailored solutions that incorporate your own requirements and build these for you.


web developmen


PSSL provides templates that can be copied and edited for online forms, plan websites and the HR and Member self-service dashboards. These provide an easy platform to deliver your own version of web-based pages.

We recognise that many clients prefer delivery of a complete solution and the PSSL team is happy to offer a customisation service for this.




Nova is the automation application that sits behind the Aurora solution, delivering automated processes for each of the web forms. Our customisation service allows clients to decide ‘what goes where and when’, using template models and specifications that are easy to edit.

What we need from clients?

On receipt of sample templates clients identify the changes and layout requirements needed and return these details (with MS-Word examples of forms and consoles).

  • Complete and return the modified specification template showing any automation workflows
  • Confirmation that the fees quoted for the work are accepted
  • Test supplied solution and advice any changes to be made
  • Sign off final version delivered

How do we develop?

  • Supply a copy of required templates and a specification document
  • Discuss requirements and suggest options available
  • Code test samples using the specifications received
  • Ensure code runs with alpha testing
  • Make any tweaks needed based on user experience

Cost for Customisation Work

We charge just £25 for each quarter hour spent working with you (plus taxes and expenses as appropriate).


Live Chatroom

The most immediate way to help clients is to click the ‘Live-Chat’ button. Type in your name and question and you have immediate access to one of our experts. You can send files/screenshots and use Skype to speak directly. Call transcripts are automatically created and emailed.


Where queries require further work by PSSL, a ticketing system is used to log a call, assign and manage the work to a release and display the priority, assignment, status and release date. Notes and attachments can be added at any time.

The ticketing system is available to client to raise or track their own queries. Any changes to the tickets get automatically emailed to the client.

User Guide

Aurora comes with a comprehensive on-line manual that includes an index and many screenshots.

It perfectly supplements the tutorial training courses and is a useful reference available at any time.

An Aurora Community is also available with an FAQ area and User Discussion Forum.


Other Help

The PSSL team accepts emails, Skype and telephone calls and will respond accordingly. 90% of support queries are answered immediately, however they are initiated. Emails, live-chatroom and our ticketing systems provide automatic documentation and therefore our preferred channels.

Use Contact Us to find the details you need, or you can try out our ‘Live-chat’ features by clicking the icon at the foot of this screen.


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