PSSL has further improved their digital on-line forms by adding a secure e-signature capability using Adobe e-signatures. Many countries now accept e-signatures as a legal equivalent to ‘wet’ signatures and using them means no more waiting for printed hard copies to arrive before processing the data.

Clive Hallworth CEO of PSSL says: 

The addition of an E-signature capability adds a great new dimension to the efficiency of our forms. Now the completed forms are immediately validated and authorised and then emailed through the Adobe portal to the author,for their (e-)signature. The PDF form is then securely filed on the Adobe servers, with copies emailed to the required parties and the author. Our Nova automation engine will update the required systems with the form data immediately…real-time processing at it’s best.

For those still requiring a wet-signature, the e-sign process is often used to authorise the system update ahead of receipt of the hard-copy form. 

We cannot emphasise enough the importance of automating the actual data entered at its very source to update the back office systems. It is the ultimate means of accuracy, efficiency, quality and cost saving.