Intelligent Online Forms

Intelligent, Responsive, Automated, Online Forms

Static and PDF (analogue) forms are often hard-to-follow and are inefficient because the data has to be fully re-keyed, leading to errors and delays. PSSL overcomes these problems with their online digital forms. Existing member information is displayed on the forms and allow changes to be made securely and using modern tools like drop down lists, calendar pickers, defaults and validation checks. Only relevant data is requested based on previous answers given, making the forms easy to follow and understand.

Once submitted, the data entered is validated, authorised, signed and submitted. Emails are then usually used to move the form around the required workflow and the data is automatically used for mail-merging to MS-Word templates of the more complex paper form layouts required. The final documents are saved as PDF files which allow for secure E-signatures to be added by the author. This recent and valuable addition to the Nova automation sits behind the required administration processes for each form.

Importantly, the form data entered by the author is used to update the required systems and Aurora, without the need for rekeying or any manual intervention.

  • Templates are supplied to allow easy customisation of each form required
  • A unique browser address is supplied to call the form anytime and from any browser
  • Secure, existing customer data is available in each form to avoid re-keying of personal data (login required)
  • Picklists, calendar pickers, defaults and intelligence (based on entered details) available in all forms
  • Form workflows email partially completed forms for further data entry and authorisations
  • All entered data is validated prior to printing, signature and submission
  • A final copy of the e-signed form is emailed to the required party (with the data file, where required)
  • Back-office applications can be automatically updated
  • Full error and omission handling through emailed files to the administrators
  • The Plan websites, HR and member self-service consoles provide links to the forms

Member Self-Service Dashboard

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Document management module

In their latest version of Aurora, the PSSL team has added an EDM area to hold photos, certificates, IDs, completed forms, other documents and issued letters/statements.  In this age of mobile phones, the documents are often photographed and then uploaded through the...

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