Aurora Prices

0 – 1200 members cost £5.00 per member per annum
1200+ members cost just £2.50 per member per annum
(Prices include the Aurora admin system, Self-Service Dashboards & a Plan Website)
  • All Plan Types (DB, DC, Hybrid, CARE, Savings)
  • Plan Website with Member Access*
  • HR automated dashbaord*
  • Member Self-Service with Automation*
  • Automated On-Line Forms*
  • Unlimited Number of Plans & Members* 
  • Unlimited Investment Funds
  • Unlimited Contribution Types
  • Integrated Member & Plan Document Management
  • Integrated Pensioner Payroll
  • Secure Login
  • Multiple Security Levels with Roles
  • Plan Level Screens & Outputs
  • Detailed Member Records
  • Salary & Contribution History
  • Multiple Dependants Per Member
  • Investment History & Summary
  • Word-based Quotations & Statements
  • Powerful Calculation Engine
  • User Defined Reports & Exports
  • Advanced Report Writer (SSRS)
  • Exchange Rate Table (automated feeds)
  • Fund Pricing Table (real-time values)
  • Unlimited Investment Switching & Lifestyles
  • Bulk Asset Transfer
  • Fund Balancing
  • Automated File, Data & Payroll Upload

* Notes:

1. PSSL provides standard templates and specification documents which are customised, as required, for each plan.

2. Fees are £100 per hour for customisation work. 

3. Average total cost for customisation work for the client based dashboards and forms is £10,000 – £15,000.

3. A minimum fee of £6,000 per annum (1200 members) applies to the Aurora Solution. 

4. Local taxes for international clients may be payable.

Instant, Customised Plan Websites

To provide better accessibility for members to information about their pension plan, PSSL now offers a website designer template which can be copied, tailored and deployed within a matter of minutes. Using a WordPress theme, your chosen template can be easily tailored...

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HR Dashboard

Pension Software Solutions Limited changes the concept of plan administration by introducing a browser menu for HR and Payroll staff to communicate directly with the pension team and Aurora. With online 'live-chat'; links to a plan website; the ability to call plan...

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