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Online Tutorial Videos

The Aurora system’s help menu and menu items on the self-service dashboards include access to a series of tutorial videos. Our goal is to help you to learn, quickly and easily, with the friendly guidance of our training staff. Once you have completed each section, a quiz will test your knowledge so that you can gain accreditation and give you confidence in your own ability.




The vast majority of software users never employ more than 30% of the functionality available to them. By giving your employees access to the right online training you can realise the full potential of your people and the software they use.



Training starts with the online courses available through a series of tutorial videos.

Qualification tests are available to gain accreditation and better access to support.

Online Support



Our online user guide, the website FAQs and the user forum can be used to supplement the training and discuss problems with other clients.

Online webinars are also held regularly and there is also an option for clients to have on-site training.

Online Tutorials Available

Basic User

Aurora Login and Search

Aurora Basic Data Pages

Adding New Members

Running leaver Calculations

Producing Quote Letters for Leavers

Importing Payroll Files

Running Reports

Producing Annual Member Statements


Defined Contributions

Investment Managers

Funds & Prices

Defined Contribution Screens

Running the Investments

Payroll import validations

Investment run reports

Member data pages

Switching funds

Dividend allocations

Processing leavers



Adding a plan and group

Users roles and permissions

Audit trails and checking work

Payroll and data import definitions

Investment managers funds and lifestyles

Defining new reports

Changing screen layouts

Picklists and lookups

Defining DC charges

Address book links and letter templates

The trustee account

Backups restores and disaster recovery


Advanced Supervisor

Calculations overview

Inputs and forms

Deriving dates

Creating salaries to use

Calculating service periods

Other calculations items

Displaying calculations messages

Linking calcs to leaver screens

Deriving values on imports

Using calculations in letters


User Guide

To perfectly supplement the tutorial training courses, Aurora comes with a comprehensive on-line manual that includes an index and many screenshots. This is a useful reference available at any time.

Online Training

For those clients requiring a personalised training course for their staff, the PSSL team will be happy to arrange an online conference call for participants to join in and ask questions. This is a cheaper solution than the on-site personal training courses and is often used for follow up, shorter sessions on specific topics.

On-Site Training

The PSSL team is happy to visit client offices for custom training courses that are held in-house. These courses can use the client’s own data and can cover all or some of the training courses on offer. All costs for time and expenses are charged and this channel is normally used for the initial training of larger organisations.



In order for clients to get the very best from your Aurora solution and keep up to date, the PSSL team runs a number of webinars that cover common aspects of systems that come through the support service. The webinars are short and normally around 10-15 mins and often held during a lunchtime to avoid disruption to office work. Costs for the webinars are normally shared across the participants.


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